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Upcoming Journeys


Dates: July 8th to 16th
Age Group: 14 to 17 years
Group Size: 8 to 10

Join us on this epic 8-day journey into the magnificent landscapes of Ladakh. Bask in the immense warmth and wisdom of the Ladakhi people. Immerse yourself in their fascinating culture and their heartwarming stories.


Dates: May 11th to 17th
Age Group: 14 to 17 years
Group Size: 10 to 12

Beat the heat this May with an exciting trip into the Himalayas! With your exams over and done with, you can now concentrate on other important things — like, having the time of your life!


Dates: July (to be announced)
Age Group: 14 to 17 years
Group Size: 12 to 14

Goa is not just its beaches. The other side of Goa has much to share with you — from beautiful forests teeming with hundreds of birds, pretty villages and their warm-hearted communities.

Our Philosophy

We travel responsibly.

Wherever we go, we stay with the local community. We eat the food they cook; sometimes, we even help them harvest it. We learn about how they live. Bypassing the crowded tourist circuits, we journey to India’s prettiest landscapes, villages, and home-stays.

We unpack compelling perspectives and practices that help us restore our connection with the natural world, with other cultures, and with the quiet voices within our own hearts.


We test our fitness & our attitude as we hike across the magnificent Himalayas; we confront our fears as we raft its turbulent rivers; we encounter wildlife up close in pristine forests.

When we add to this kind of travel,

  • Perspective and context building
  • Conversations with inspiring innovators
  • Hands-on work on sustainability projects across India

it truly becomes… travel that transforms.


JWM Juniors

for Schools

Reconnecting children with nature through experiential learning journeys, inspiring city-based workshops, and engaging media content

Explore the magic of urban gardening, composting, and recycling in the city; learn the art of off-grid living & survival skills on the land; experience engaging learning journeys that explore India’s most inspiring environmental solutions; and explore creative content in the form of specially designed curriculum designed to increase awareness.


Urban Farming | Sustainable innovations | Earth-building | Climate Change

India Immersion Programme

for Universities

A customised 1-3 week program designed to open up insightful windows into other worlds — an immersive experience integrating perspective-building and hands-on work, while learning from India’s most inspiring innovators. 

Explore the mystical landscapes of the high Himalayas, trek through the remote & pristine forests of NorthEast India & the Western Ghats, and explore innovative solutions to the impacts of climate change and globalisation on remote communities.


Climate Change | Globalisation | Social Entrepreneurship | Earth-friendly innovations.


Hacking Sustainable Living

A monthly event comprising immersive deep dive workshops and fun open-space meet-ups to hack sustainable living…

Learn everything about Sustainable Living through our monthly deep-dive workshops. Also participate in our open-space meet-ups where we discuss inspiring ideas, create new partnerships, and build India’s most effective Sustainable Living community together.

Woodworking | Kitchen Gardening | Pottery | Repair Cafe` | Paper-making | Book-binding | Earth-building | Recycling & Upcycling


“A fantastic mix of culture, adventure,and wildlife… the trip to Meghalaya in Dec 2015 with JwM was an experience like no other travel experience I’ve had so far…”

Namrata Shah, Dec 2015, Meghalaya

“…Beautifully paced, and conceptualized in a way that will make you wonder if they just read your mind and tailored it for you…”

Sukanya Ghosh, August 2016, Ladakh

“…Srinagar is so much more than just the tourist attractions. Thank you for connecting us with its human side…”

Dhwani Shah, June 2016, Kashmir