Learning from Ladakh

To be announced

10 days | Maximum group size: 10 – 15


Spectacular hues of blue,
The undulating barren landscapes,
Warm smiles, the starry skies, and the indescribable stillness…
The whisper of the cool breeze against your skin…
A playful stream gushing over your bare feet…
A bear hug to an ancient tree that has seen 2000 years of history…
A heart-to- heart conversation with a wise old lake…
and the sheer joy of being present… being alive


Bask in the immense warmth & wisdom of the Ladakhis, soak yourself in their fascinating culture & marvelous stories, and build some wonderful memories of this once-in- a-lifetime experience as the adventure unfolds.

If you’re interested in more than just ‘seeing’ places, you will love what’s on offer on this Journeys With Meaning visit.

Trip Highlights

An exciting road trip through the evocative landscapes of Ladakh

Thought-provoking conversations with the inspiring people we meet

A 2-day trek into the stunningly beautiful countryside

Stay at quaint old village homestays

Interactions with organizations that are striving to keep Ladakh pristine

Cycling down the highest motorable road in the world

Rafting the Zanskar river

The Ladakh trip I took with JwM was an experience I will cherish the rest of my life. The places and landscapes have left a lasting impression on me. The Ladakhi people I met and their way of life have given me a different perspective while thinking about the planet’s sustainability. I have always been an avid traveler but never really cared about the long-term effects my travels had on the places I hold so dear. JwM has opened me to counting the ecological cost of every decision we take – air-travel vs train/road, drinking water vs bottled water, imported vs locally sourced fruits and vegetables. etc.


It’s good to know that every little action we take towards sustainability would have a significant effect on preserving our only home, Planet Earth. I would recommend making such ecological trips mandatory for all school and college going kids.