Vinod Sreedhar sees himself primarily as a communicator/ facilitator. With close to 20 years of experience in making sustainable living accessible to people, he sees the power and possibilities inherent in storytelling. He founded Journeys With Meaning in 2007 as a way to bring inspiring stories of hope, resilience, innovation, and change to urban Indians who are often disconnected from nature and the life lessons it can teach.

Over the last two decades, Vinod has worked extensively in the social sector​, focusing especially​ on deepening ecological sustainability, whole systems thinking, democracy, and active citizenship. Between 2001 and 2007, he was a co-founder at Phase Five, a social enterprise that ​designed and ​conducted intensive workshops for youth on these issues. Alongside his environmental work, he has also worked in Mumbai’s film and television industry as a professional music composer/ producer for over a decade.

When he’s not working on sustainable living, Vinod immerses himself in other interests like writing, film-making, music composing, photography, and woodworking.

Hormazd Mehta

My journey starts gathering speed with me saying, “Yes,” seven years ago. To what seems the things to do. Travel. Write. Eat locally. Live light. Clown. Live in community. These decisions have been made for me as much as i have made them.

A few questions keep me going. Are we asking the questions that matter? Do we understand the web of connections that has got us here? Are we walking in a similar direction, even if on different paths?

Neha Kandalgaokar

Neha first travelled as a participant on a Journeys with Meaning trip to Ladakh in 2013. What emerged next was a lasting connection not just with the place, but also with the people of Ladakh, with fellow travellers, and with the idea and ideals of JwM. She has been working with JwM since then.

Along the way, she found the perfect way to combine two of her strengths — her academic background in Zoology, and over 7 years of experience in conceptualising events and developing engaging content for children — with her love for responsible travel, by creating experiential learning journeys for school students. With her experience in designing and facilitating workshops and learning journeys for schools, she was selected to lead a delegation of Indian students to the Seeds of Peace programme at Maine, USA as the Delegation Leader in 2017.

You’ll find her happiest when she is out in nature, dancing under the starry skies or making friends with animals.

Rajat Kukreja

Is a former Gandhi Fellow and a consultant for entrepreneurship programmes.

He is also the brainchild behind the innovative Cuckoo Hostel at Bengaluru that is not only a traveller’s hostel, but that also doubles up as a vibrant peer-to- peer learning space where inspiring thinkers and practitioners from various fields share their stories and their insights with the growing community of youth that frequents this exciting learning space.

Ramesh Sharma

Ramesh facilitates the India Immersion Program at JwM. Prior to joining JwM, he had a 17-year stint with top corporate and consulting firms. His corporate work experience spans consulting, advisory, and project management roles in specialized areas of human resource strategy, business and technology transformation, organizational change management, and outsourcing. 

Ramesh is also associated with the Food4Thought Foundation, a not-for-profit organization which is igniting a reading revolution in India.

On a JwM trip in the summer of 2012 to the serene sacred forests of Meghalaya – a state in the north-eastern region of India – Ramesh had a profound realization that the dissonance he felt in his own personal development, happiness and health, and the ecological and social issues of the planet were intrinsically linked and were a consequence of his own urban lifestyle choices and actions. This realization started him on a personal transformation journey to address his own disconnect with nature and the planet. 

During this journey, he took a conscious decision to leave his corporate career and focus his skills, experience, and abilities towards environmental and social solutions. Ramesh has been influenced and inspired by the ideas of Daniel Quinn, E.O. Wilson, Buckminster Fuller, Jared Diamond, Satish Kumar, and Fritjof Capra. He is also an amateur musician and dabbles with the bass guitar and harmonica. 

Radhika Timbadia

Radhika Timbadia is interested in community-based wildlife conservation, the intersection between gender and environment, and nature education. She has a MSc in Applied Ecology and Conservation from University of East Anglia and has travelled and worked in many places across India. She loves books, crochet and good coffee.

Konchok Namdol

Konchok Namdol is the newest member of our team. A recent graduate from Kashmir University in Botany, Zoology, and Chemistry, Konchok’s passion is to work on preserving the delicate balance of Nature. He will be working on our new initiative — setting up and managing earth-friendly homestays in remote villages in Ladakh.

Having lived in the magnificent trans-Himalayan mountains of Ladakh all his life, he is particularly concerned about the impacts of climate breakdown on Ladakh and its people, and is extremely passionate about finding sustainable solutions to its challenges. His interest in sustainability has, in large part, developed over the many years he has spent at SECMOL (the Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh), first as a student of their Foundation Course and later as a day-scholar living at SECMOL and attending college in the nearby town of Leh.

Konchol has been the President of his college for the last 2 years. And he is the current President of the Students’ Association of his region — the Ladakh Drayangs.